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What you will learn...

  • How to rebuild your core and pelvic floor

  • How to re-establish body mechanics in order to safely return to your fitness program

  • Tips from a physical therapist on how to move through motherhood with more ease and less pain!


What mamas had to say about the in-person version of To Birth & Back...

Mom of 3

"Before To Birth and Back I never really understood the anatomy of the pelvic floor and why I have was issues with running and going everyday task. I thought kegels would be enough. I now understand how to work with my body, to not have symptoms with running or with other exercises."

Mama to 2.5 y.o. & 6 month old

"This class was so beneficial to me in the often frustrating journey to recover from some of the problems I now have thanks to birthing my precious darling kids. Addie is so knowledgeable, honest, and encouraging all at the same time and is especially good at giving practical and doable advice to assist in the postpartum recovery process. I really can say the things I learned in this class have helped with bladder control, back pain, pelvic pain, etc. Thank you Addie!! We need more people like you and more classes like this to educate us Moms and normalize many of the challenges we face on the road to recovery. "

Mom to 4 y.o. | 2 y.o. | 8 month old

"I absolutely loved this course! Addie is so knowledgeable and makes the information digestible for those of us who are not PTs. I walked away from the class knowing so much more about my pelvic floor and how to return to the activities that I love! Definitely worth the investment of time and money, am forever grateful to have attended the course!"

Mom of 4 yr | 2 yr | 3 month old

"Addie did a fantastic job of breaking down the basics, talking us through anatomy and the anatomical reasons for the issues we experience and reinforcing past lessons. The videos are invaluable for referencing back to after the fact, as there is a lot of information and a LOT to think about as you work through the exercises. I emphatically recommend this program!"

Mama of 2

"Very informative course with emphasis on the body through all stages of pregnancy and postpartum. The knowledge and skills I learned from this course I have now adapted into my everyday life routines in the postpartum setting."

Mom of infant

"Wonderful class! Addie is a fantastic instructor and makes sure you understand a topic before moving on. She does a great job connecting the teaching to everyday life positions (lifting baby into car seat, changing diaper, washing dishes, getting up off the floor, etc.). What I learned in this class I will use for the rest of my life as a Mama! Definitely recommend it to anyone!"


Addie Holzmann

Addie Holzmann is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a focus on pre & postpartum athletes. She specializes in Postural Restoration and is a Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM) along with a Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist. Addie is a military wife and heads a circus of three little monkeys. The frequent and sometimes unexpected moves accompanying the military life has lead Addie to start her own mobile physical therapy practice, NeuMe Physio, in which she treats clients in their own home. She also works closely with Stroller Strong Moms, affectionately referred to as S.L.A.M., to educate moms on how to safely incorporate core and pelvic floor into fitness. Her goal is to spread the core-pelvic floor love and arm moms with the knowledge and tools to move through motherhood feeling stronger!

REconnect • REbuild • REstore

Bridging the gap between birth and postpartum fitness

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    Core & Floor

    • Re • LEARN | Core Connection

    • Re • LEARN | Pressure Management

    • Re • LEARN | Assess for Diastasis Recti

    • Re • CONNECT | Movement Goals

    • Re • CONNECT | Breath Work

    • Re • CONNECT | Rib movement… Ab engagement… Intra-abdominal pressure

    • Re • CONNECT | Pelvic Movement

    • Re • BUILD | Isolating Pelvic Tilt

    • Re • BUILD | Kegels

    • Re • BUILD | Pelvic Floor Connection

    • Re • BUILD | Pelvic Floor Movement

    • Re • BUILD | Breathing Positions for 360º Rib Movement

    • Re • BUILD | Transverse Abdominis Activation & Progressions

    • Re • BUILD | How to Engage Abs in Fitness

    • Re • BUILD | Back decompression

    • Re • BUILD | Crunchless Core

    • Checking in...

  • 3

    Upper Body

    • Re • LEARN | Upper Body

    • Re • CONNECT | Movement Goals

    • Re • BUILD | Neck and Shoulder Opener

    • Re • BUILD | Supine Restorative Strengthening

    • Re • BUILD | Progressive Strengthening

    • Re • BUILD | Thoracic Mobility

    • Checking in...

  • 4

    Lower Body

  • 5

    Advanced Movements

    • Re • LEARN | Advanced Movements

    • Re • CONNECT | Movement Goals

    • Re • BUILD | Rehab Flow • Roll > Kneel > Stand

    • Re • BUILD | Rehab Flow • Roll > Squat > Stand

    • Re • BUILD | Pulse and Burn Core

    • Re • BUILD | Pulse and Burn Rotation & Strength

    • Re • BUILD | Jumping Progression

    • Re • BUILD | Core Progressions

    • Re • BUILD | Side Body Balancing

    • Checking in...

  • 6

    Functional Movements

  • 7

    Daily Movements

  • 8

    Self Tests

    • Mobility Tests

    • Back to Running Tests

  • 9

    Exercise PDFs

    • Postural Restoration Institute Exercises

    • Dorsal Thoracic Inhibition

    • Modified All Four Belly Lift

    • Standing Quadratus Lumborum and Intercostal Inhibition

    • Squatting Bar Reach

    • Standing Wall Supported Reach

    • Sidelying Trunk Lift

    • 90-90 Hip Lift with Internal Rotation

    • Sidelying Respiratory Scissor Slides

    • Right Sidelying Supported Left Glute Med

    • Left Sidelying Knee to Knee

    • PRI Wall Supported Squat with Alternating Respiratory Trunk Rotation

    • Left Stance Reciprocal Step Through

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Stroller Strong Moms

Sweat Like a Mother (S.L.A.M.)

S.L.A.M. is an international community that offers fitness classes, nutrition information by Registered Dietitians, education on pre/postpartum fitness by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, mom's night outs, play groups, and a network of inspiring mamas!
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NeuMe Physio, L.L.C.

Addie Holzmann, DPT, PRC, CPT, PCES

NeuMe Physio has partnered with S.L.A.M. to provide this comprehensive education course to help postpartum women reconnect and rebuild their postpartum body. NeuMe Physio provides mobile physical therapy and remote training options to help women feel strong in motherhood!
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